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Leverage 30 Day Challenge | Day 22: Favorite Eliot fight

omg. the bottom left. spanking Eliot with the crop … i could get behind that. ;)

Whereas I just see Parker and Hardison looking on approvingly and being all smug about, “Yeah, that’s our boyfriend. We made him buy those jeans. You’re welcome.”

I can’t even tell what is my favorite part of this scene. Is it a) Eliot being genuinely hurt that Nate would think he’d be randomly, senselessly violent b) Sterling hitting Eliot with his little stick as if that was going to do him any good c) Parker and Hardison looking like they’re going to take their man home and eat him whole


your life is worth living even if you’re “not doing anything”

your life is worth living even if you are “letting life pass you by”

your life is worth living even if you stay in bed all day every day watching netflix

you don’t have to be big, beloved, important, beautiful, wealthy or famous

there is dignity in just being

it is ok to be

you merely have to be

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